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Oh Good Grief: Luongo Now Hurt, Hairline Rib Fracture. Sigh.


OK, OK...which one of you pissed off the hockey gods? Not content to knock out Daniel, Demo, Salo, Pudge, Rypien, Hansen and quite possibly Johnson, the ice deities has smacked the captain with an undisclosed injury that will knock him out of an "undetermined number of games."

This is going to get ugly quicker than you can say "starting goalie Andrew Raycroft". Somewhere Cory Schneider has a big smile on his face.

We'll post more as we learn more. In the meantime, we recommend some early Wednesday drinking.

2:47 PM ET Update: TSN's got it now. And TSN kindly reminds us to not fear as Vancouver is in the thick of the playoff race. In October. Goodie.

2:57 PM ET Update: More from the Province:

Roberto Luongo is hurt. How badly is unknown and how many games the Vancouver Canucks starting goaltender may miss is also open to speculation, because he didn't practise Wednesday.

That would place backup Andrew Raycroft into his first start on Thursday in Los Angeles, with Cory Schneider likely to be recalled from the Manitoba Moose — especially if Luongo's ailment is more than just a bruise or a minor strain.

The club has yet to make any announcements.

Vancouver, at the moment, has 27 players on the roster. If Luongo and Johnson are indeed hurt, that brings the number to 8 starters with injuries (about 30% of their line-up).

3:07 PM ET Update: Via the Team1040:

Mason Raymond just now with Blake/Dave: Luongo's had a "little mishap" and will miss "some time"

3:12 PM ET Update: Some good news, via Dan Murphy:

Rypien will make trip and says he is good to go for tomorrow. Coach Vigneault is yet to comment on Luongo.

3:21 PM ET Update: Another clue, this time via Hosea Cheung:

Luongo has a hairline fracture in his ribs which he injured against Toronto.

Apparently Luongo got injured by a harmless shot by the Leafs. But then he got a shutout the next night with the injury.

Luongo will not travel with the team to California.

This is confirmed now by TSN. He'll be gone a week minimum.

6:59 PM EST Update: As expected, the Canucks have recalled Cory Schneider.