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Eleven Games In

A few SBN blogs - such as the Caps and Oilers - have taken a quick look at their teams with ten games or so now done (the season is 12% over surprisingly). In particular I liked what Derek did with Edmonton's recap though, as is typical with many of the Oilers blogs, they dive into some of the new hockey stats a good deal. I decided to take a similar line, but with less of an emphasis on scoring chances and more of a broad overview (besides, if you checked out Sean's piece from earlier, you know the even strength reality isn't so comforting).

In the end it's tough to get a good read on Vancouver with so many injuries, but with a three game winning streak and the visiting Western Conference champs in town tomorrow, let's give it a go.

Here's the good:

Stat Forwards Defense
TOI/G H. Sedin (19:37) Bieksa (23:12)
Points H. Sedin (12) Ehrhoff (9)
Goals Samuelsson (5) Ehrhoff/Mitchell (2)
Assists H. Sedin (8) Ehrhoff (7)
Rating H. Sedin (3.23) O'Brien (2.64)
Shots Samuelsson (46)
Ehrhoff (23)
Corsi D. Sedin (37) Schneider (23.9)
Hits Hordichuk (18) O'Brien (18)
Giveaways Shirokov/Rypien (0) Salo/Schneider (0)
Takeaways Kesler (13) Mitchell (8)


For as much as we've (ok, me) bad mouthed Hank's play since his brother went down with the injury, he's still a cut above the rest of the team. And Ehrhoff & Samuelsson have been invaluable offensively, particularly in light of the injuries. It's interesting to see SOB with the highest rating amongst defensemen, so he's directly benefited from Salo's injury and the juggled pairings. And speaking of SOB, he probably drops to 7th once Salo returns but you can see that will soften up the blueline.

And now the eyesores:

Stat Forwards Defense
TOI/G Hordichuk (7:18) Rome (12:47)
Points Johnson/Glass/Bolduc/Shirokov/Desbiens (0)
Rome/O'Brien (0)
Goals Johnson/Glass/Bolduc/Shirokov/Desbiens/D. Sedin/Wellwood (0) Rome/O'Brien/Salo/Edler (0)
Assists Johnson/Glass/Bolduc/Shirokov/Desbiens/Rypien/Raymond (0) Rome/O'Brien (0)
Rating Shirokov (-4.45)
Rome (-4.72)
Shots Hordichuk/Desbiens (0)
Rome/Salo (9)
Corsi Rypien (-55.1) Ehrhoff (-19.2)
Hits D. Sedin/Shirokov (0)
Schneider (0)
Giveaways Samuelsson (6)
Bieksa/Edler (7)
Takeaways Rypien/Desbiens (0) Rome/Schneider/Salo (0)


Ugh. In five games as Salo's replacement, Rome has left much to be desired (0 points, -4, 4 PIMs) and is easily destined for the Moose once Salo's healthy. Another AHL replacement - Shirokov for Demitra - has stumbled too though looked a bit better (re: more confident) against Edmonton. Johnson stands out for all the wrong reasons too: including a brief promotion to the third line, Johnson has failed to generate much of anything on the scoresheet (unless we're going to his strength of shot blocking in which he does lead all forwards with 17). Edler with no goals and Daniel with no goals are hard on the eyes, but that's destined to change.

If you want to look around on your own, I recommend checking out Behind The Net and Frozen Pool.