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How About ANOTHER Injury? Plus A Look At Tomorrow

Is it 2007 all over again?  Though it's not deemed serious, Rick Rypien (one of the few Canucks who is doing his job these days) has "tweaked" his man parts and skipped practice today. Rypien isn't exactly known for his durability, but Vigneault says it's not serious. In the meantime, relive Stortini's nightmare from last night one more time.

Getting Ripper back for tomorrow would be helpful since Chicago represents a huge test. First Luongo gets his first chance to throw that playoff monkey off his back. Secondly, the Hawks are one of the best teams in the league right now (5-2-1). We know they're gunning for the Cup before the cap squeeze hits them hard so it's measuring stick time, even more so than Calgary.

On the one hand, it's a tale of two snake bitten goalies too. Luongo's GAA (3.22) is ever so slightly better than Huet (3.25). Similarly, Luongo's dreadful save percentage (.879%) is also slightly better than Huet's (.844%). And both probably aren't too thrilled that Vancouver and Chicago rank first and second respectively in shots on goal.

Update - Eh, forget it. Niemi is in net.

Elsewhere Chicago has a solid edge, particularly on special teams:

Vancouver Category Chicago
8th (26.5%) Powerplay 13th (23.3%)
19th (76.5) Penalty Kill 5th (85.7%)
18th (2.75 g/g) Goals For 7th (3.5 g/g)
19th (3.12 g/g) Goals Against 13th (2.75 g/g)

There's been no need for must-win talk around here, but tomorrow's game sure comes close to it.