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Game 1: Flames 5 Canucks 3

A disappointing start to the season for the Canucks. The Flames struck early and often in the first period to gain a 3-0 lead and the Canucks never fully recovered. By the time the Canucks got their legs going, outshooting the Flames 35-15 in the 2nd and 3rd periods, it was too late. Miikka Kiprusoff wasn't soft at all, shutting the Canucks down on all their good, great and sub-par chances.

I'm going to throw out a few blunt observations in point form and you can tell me if you agree or not.

-Sergei Shirokov: Welcome to the NHL. Now play like a man. I have never liked divers or over-acting, Luongo included.

-I mentioned this before the season started and I will re-iterate it again: Are you not entertained? Yeah, the Canucks are perhaps even more offence-orientated this season, but that style of play creates more chances against. I stated in the game thread that I missed a guy like Brad Lukowich already, because he is a stable defenceman in his own end. Why are the Canucks playing 5 (Shane O'Brien included-m'eh) offensive defencemen?

Where is the balance? I'll take 2 more guys like Mitchell and Lukowich on our back end and structured play over this madness. 


Under their new coach, the Flames will have structure in their play, and it will work.

-Crash bang! Was it just the red-as-hell old school jerseys or did the Flames look bigger tonight. Thundering hits to guys like Ryan Johnson and Daniel Sedin didn't help.

-So instead of talking about Rick Rypien beating the tar out of Brandon Prust, the latter scores the winning goal. Yay!

-It's just game 1 of the season. Vancouver has several new faces in their lineup and everyone needs time to gel. Preseason did not give the Canucks that. They were too busy playing the hopefuls are did not dress many lineups that fully resembled their opening night roster.

Calgary wanted to "make a statement" in their final preseason game against the Canucks, but waited until tonight to do it.


“I’m not sitting here and doing handstands and thinking we played a great game, but we played a pretty darned good game for 38 minutes,” Brent Sutter said. “We backed off, and that’s where we have to continue to work and push.


Our goalie played very well. It’s two points and it’s a good win. There’s work to be done.”



"You can't spot a team like that two and three-goal leads and expect to win. Penalties are an area we have to get better as a group." - Alain Vigneault