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Henrik Sedin Passes Tony Tanti on Canucks' All-Time Scoring List

Saw this on Twitter somewhere then looked it up. The Canucks all-time scoring leader list looks like this now:

1. Markus Naslund 12 884 756
2. Trevor Linden 16 1140 733
3. Stan Smyl 13 896 673
4. Thomas Gradin 8 613 550
5. Pavel Bure 7 428 478
6. Henrik Sedin 9 653 471
7. Tony Tanti 8 531 470
8. Daniel Sedin 9 646 466
9. Todd Bertuzzi 8 518 449
10. Don Lever 8 593 407


It's not too long before Hank catches Bure. Too bad Daniel is idle for so long right now. All he can do is watch. What other Canucks records are being attacked?

-Hank has caught Cliff Ronning at 18th all-time for career Canucks goals. Danny Boy is tied with Greg Adams at 10th.

-Henrik passed Thomas Gradin on the all-time assists list several games ago, giving him 359 total, and putting him at 4th overall. He'll top that list soon enough, as the #1 spot, Trevor Linden, had 415 career assists.

-Roberto Luongo needs 8 more wins to catch Richard Brodeur for 2nd overall on the all-time wins list (126) for a Canucks goalie. Just think of how miserable some of those Canucks teams were, and how bad Kirk McLean and Brodeur could be at times. It took Captain Kirk 11 seasons to get 211 wins. It took King Richard 8 seasons to get 126 wins. Luongo is only in his 4th season. All of these stats were taken from The Canucks Library. They have not updated the stats there past the 2008-09 season so I did the math for you. That's a great site though. Love it.