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Desbiens Re-Assigned To Moose

"I was nervous at the beginning but as the game went on, I got more and more comfortable," said Desbiens. "It was a good experience. Usually when you get called up, you don't expect to play too much. Because of the injuries, there was room for me on the third line and those guys were easy to play with.

"Except for the penalty that I took, there was no time in the game where I felt I was behind the pace or not fast enough. Obviously, skating is not one of my strengths but it's not one of my weaknesses either. I didn't feel out of place, which is good."

Guillaume Desbiens played a solid game for the Canucks in their victory over the Moose. He didn't factor on the scoresheet, but did makes some Dallas players' heads rattle. We'll see if he gets recalled by Friday.