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Salo's MCL (Updated), Mitchell's Success And Some Canucks Stats

-Iain McIntyre of the Province writes:

The Canucks were 9-10-3 last season during Salo’s four separate lineup absences, and 36-17-7 when the two-way blueliner played.

Hey, I'm not discounting Salo's worth when he plays, but the amount of times this guy hobbles off the ice is grating my nerves. Is he going to be able to handle a playoff grind? No. He's already proven that. McIntyre also predicts it's an MCL injury and that Salo could miss a month. I'd say that is quite possible.

UPDATE (Tip to cyxj): It is Salo's  MCL and he is gone-zo for up to 6 weeks. Later, Glass Man. Maybe cut the damned thing off and become part machine...

-Willie Mitchell has been playing great lately. I love the guy for his defensive work, but recently he's been putting up some numbers on the scoresheet as well.

"That's something the coaching staff has allowed me to work on and something I've wanted to work on because you get labelled a little bit," Mitchell told the Province. "I like the fact I'm known as a defensive defenceman and I take a lot of pride in that. I try to work on it [offence] and last year felt I made a pretty good step at it."

Willie already has 2 goals and 4 points in 5 games. He has never scored more than 3 in a season in the NHL. Yep, his value is going up in a contract year. Go figure.

Speaking of stats, let me toss a couple at you:

-Hank Sedin is 12th in League scoring with 8 points in 5 games. He is 15th in face off percentage (58.9%). What happened to Kyle Wellwood being the best Canucks face off guy? He is ranked 71st overall at 45.4%. Woody has 0 points and only 4 shots in 5 games.

-Silently, Christian Ehrhoff is impressing on the stats sheet as well. His 5 points in 5 games ties him for 3rd overall amongst NHL defencemen. He is a +3. He is tied for 5th with 13 shots on goal. All this while averaging just over 19:00 played per game, which is less than most of the leaders.

These are just the basics. I'll find some more detailed stats down the road, or, you can post them in the comments section if you stumble across some.