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Senators fire coach Craig Hartsburg

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It took a lot of failures and second chances before Hartsburg was finally fired. The Senators have only won 17 of 48 games. They are 14 points out of a playoff spot in the East. A big damning stat for Ottawa is their road record, which is 6-16-3. Their home record is a decent 11-8-4. It is almost impossible to believe that the Sens rank last in the NHL in goals for. But their 116 goals for places them at the NHL basement.
More Senators team stats here.
The Binghampton Senators' coach Cory Clouston will take over as head coach of Ottawa. Clouston's profile can be found here.
The Sens could also use a decent starting goaltender as well. Ever since Ray Emery left down under lousy terms the Sens never found a suitable replacement. Alex Auld and newbie Brian Elliot have been stellar at times, great sometimes, and shell-shocked due to poor team play on other nights.
Murray was very patient with Hartsburg in order to let him stay that long and fall that far out of the playoff race. It's going to take a miracle for the Sens to make the post season now.

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