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Demitra whining continues

This time it's about the ice GM Place causing his groin injury. A fan at CDC typed out an article in the Province at the forum:
"In every building, year after year, the ice keeps getting worse and worse," Demitra said before the Canucks took on the Minnesota Wild on Saturday.

"There are so many things happening in the buildings now. You're not finding good ice any more. In 10 or 15 minutes there are so many holes out there. If you slip a skate, you pull it [groin] right away."

Demitra said he injured the groin in the middle of the Canucks' 6-5 shootout loss to Columbus on Jan. 18 at the Garage.

"I tried to feed Mats [Sundin] and I cut in the middle and my skate hit something," said Demitra. Asked how the ice at GM Place - which has rated among the better surfaces in recent years - stacks up, Demitra said: "It's OK, but when you've got a lot of guys on the ice, you feel every single hole."
Yeah, he pulls HIS groin. It's softer than a handful of Kleenex.
He did say that he is looking forward to returning and playing with Mats Sundin though. But he'll play wherever the hell Alain Vigneault decides to play him. By default, he may end up with Sundin anyway because they seemed to have the best chemistry.
I have nothing more to say about Demitra. I'll just let him continue to run his mouth and you all can form your own opinions.

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