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What did Luongo say to Ovechkin after the All Star Game?

As they shook hands after the All Star Game shootout, where Ovechkin made Luongo look silly, Roberto said something to Alexander. Ovechkin looked a little confused and awkwardly smiled and then skated away. What do you think Louie said? Use your imagination! No censorship here!
(This is what happens when there is too much downtime from Canucks hockey. I get bored.)

I'll start this off.

Luongo: "They call me the Italian Stallion. What do they call you?"
Ovechkin: "Horse killer!"

Luongo: "Your teeth distracted me. I couldn't focus on your shootout attempt. Jesus, man, can't find a dentist?"

Luongo: "I would have tried harder to stop your shootout attempt, but I didn't want to aggravate my groin."

Ovechkin: "I aggravate your groin some other time then."

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