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Vigneault and Ohlund on losing

From Alain Vigneault said after practice today:
"It’s tough to say sometimes why you lose your game, or parts of your game," said Vigneault. "I do think right now the way to get our game back is a simple one, pay attention to the defensive part of our game. Part of our offence was playing good defence, making the right decisions, the right reads and when we did that, instinctively it lead to good offensive chances. As soon as we do that we’ll be on the right track."
AV had a message for his players after practice:
"At the end of practice today I talked about, sometimes you think too much on the ice," said Vigneault. "When you’re driving your car, instinctively you step on the gas, you step on the brakes, red light, green light, yellow light, car cutting in front, it’s done automatically without thinking. Hockey is the same way. It’s the reads on the ice, it’s like driving your car, you know what you’re doing."
Mattias Ohlund defended the coaching staff today:
"No, it’s not about the coaching staff," said Mattias Ohlund. "We have a great coaching staff, they don’t play the game. We obviously get instructions on how to play, but it’s up to the guys on the ice to perform. It’s pretty tough to look around the room right now and find a lot of guys that are playing well or playing up to their potential. This league is just way too hard to play in when you don’t have everyone playing at their best."
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