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The ASG & St. Louis Blues. Both Jokes.

So, this all star game is really getting under some people's skins. Well not everyone. But others have some questions.

I can't truly fault the voting public for pulling the lever for Luongo; when healthy he's better then Giguere and Backstrom (both fine netminders obviously) and he's the cornerstone of the franchise in its current inception. But the league is mindfuck insane if they think Luongo - who appears close to returning - is going to bother playing.

Can you imagine the shitstorm if he played a bogus ASG third period and reinjured himself moving laterally to save a half-hearted wrist shot? Never mind the howls of laughter you'd hear from Vancouver haters, Canuck fans might burn the NHL headquarters down (which, as they say with a thousand lawyers chained to the bottom of the Pacific, would be a good start).

Talk about making a grown man (re: Mike Gillis) cry.

This makes Luongo the only Canuck represented in the All Star game, one in which the league (not the voting public) had to put in Ovechkin, Lidstrom, Datsyuk and Thomas amongst others. The Sedins? Screw 'em. Officially.

Not that snubbing the duo is really that bad. It means the Canucks, both those healthy and hurting, will get several days off to mend and relax. No extra worrying about the chance or injury or fatigue from yet another road trip. Nope, the boys will get some much needed R&R away from a game that, year to year, proves itself to be more boring and more redundant then the preceding year.

Also good news for can do something more interesting with your valued time that Sunday.


Sundin's home debut tonight will come across the ice from the conference's worst team, the St. Louis Blues. It would be right around here that mentioning something like ex-Blue Ryan Johnson returning to shotblocking duties would sound appropriate (and Hansen is back with the club, go figure). Or ex-Blue Sanford riding the pine to super sub Labarbera. Or Bernier, coming off his best game as a Canuck, who almost became a Blue this summer in the epic Gillis/Davidson RFA pissing match. Or maybe you're all excited about Mike Weaver returning?

I've never liked playing the Blues. Never. They're similar to the Kings and Blue Jackets when you want to assume the two points are ours and, low and behold, they win and you're left wondering what the hell just happened (sort of like when you lose to the Thrashers). What was it, last year or right before the lock out when the Canucks missed the playoffs by a few points and the post season analysis showed if we had just beated the Blues like twice (they took all four games that year) we would have been in? Yeah, things like that sour my taste for these people.

Extra hate fuel comes from their clown GM Davidson. I'm sure he's a wonderful human, but years of him calling Rangers games and his obnoxious "oh baby's" every time Messier inhaled oxygen was just too much. I'm enjoying watching his team tank under his watch. Perhaps he too can get canned and return to TV where he and Melrose shall join forces, sucking one more inch of life out of every ESPN and Versus hockey offering.

So what to watch for tonight:

Sundin scoring? Probably not.

Bernier scoring? Perhaps.

Labarbera standing tall in net? Yes.

Canucks getting into penalty trouble? Of course.

A Sedin hooking call? In the third.

No, what you really want to watch for is the inevitable fight between NHL PIM leader O'Brien and the guy chasing him for that lead, RFA wet dream David Backes. Maybe they'll fight each period. We can only hope.