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Sundin could play Wednesday or Friday

Apparently John Shorthouse was on the Team 1040 today saying he thinks Sundin will play Wednesday against the Coilers. I think Friday would be more realistic, however, once again it's all up to Mats. We are used to hearing that aren't we?

From the Vancouver Sun:
He’s talking about two days of practice. Two days to determine whether he’ll make his debut as a Vancouver Canuck on Wednesday in Edmonton, or maybe hold off until Friday at home against St. Louis.

It all depends on practice.

Sundin skated for four days while the team was on the road in Nashville and Atlanta — and in the air travelling to and fro. He joined them for Sunday’s morning skate prior to the Dallas Stars’ game but it wasn’t a real practice.

Monday and Tuesday he will participate in full team workouts as he moves into the next phase of his preparation.

"It’s tough to mimic and copy a real good practice, where the pace and intensity go up, so I am looking forward to two full days of practising," the 37-year-old Swede said Sunday. "I think then we can evaluate how everything feels.

"I’ve never been in this situation before when the guys are in mid-season form and they’ve skated for three or four months, so it’s different than training camp. I hope I’m going to feel great after two practices here. I’d like to play as soon as possible."
Until he does play for us, this team needs to score more goals without him. There really isn't any excuse to be losing games like they have in the last 2 against Dallas and Atlanta. Especially not when you have a goalie playing as well as Labarbera is. Sure, the schedule blows, but suck it up! Easy for me to say, right?

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