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Sundin apartment-hunting / Ohlund open to being traded

While the Canucks travelled to Nashville, Sundin practiced hard at GM Place and looked for an apartment, according to HockeyExpressen. His girlfriend Josephine will be coming to Vancouver soon to check out the place and perhaps live here.
Not sure if he partied with Ryan Johnson at all on New Years, but he said it was a possibility.


You'll have to translate this Sportbladet article about Ohlund. He said that there is no progress in contract talks and that if the Canucks won't meet his demands he will try somewhere new.
If Ohlund seeks about $7 million per season I am pretty sure management will let him go by the trade deadline. Ohlund is not worth that much, I don't care how long he's been here. The return for Ohlund in a trade would be sweet I'm sure.
The article also mentions that the Sedins do not want to leave Vancouver, but they could demand $6-7 million each.

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