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The Save of the Year

I still can't get over that goal line save by Labarbera on Ribeiro last night. Unfortunately, Barbie's new buddies cannot bail him out once again. The newest Canuck is doing everything he can to give us a chance to win. In frustration, Labarbera told last night, "If you have any ideas to help me out with the shootout let me know." Keep your head up, Jason. You are making us proud. The rest of you bums learn how to score more than 3 goals.
Was that not hilarious listening to Tom Larschied after that save? "Oh, this is Luongo stuff right here!" he exclaimed. And you could hear Shorty laughing and squealing everytime Labarbera made a good or great save after that. Even after Modano barely scored on his shootout attempt. Larschied (who laughed out of pity), and all of us could feel Labarbera's pain.
Barbs doesn't give up on shots. That is admirable.
I keep thinking over and over again how great it is to be getting Sundin into the lineup especially for help with Vancouver's powerplay woes.
It will also help to get Ryan Johnson back. That guy is character personified.

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