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Predators 5 Canucks 3

Yes, now the panic button is hit. It shouldn't quite be yet but it is. I watched a lot of the Calgary-Buffalo game and then the Canucks-Preds game and we fail in comparison to the intensity and consistency shown by the Flames.
This loss to the Preds will only intensify the media and fans' pressure on the team and that was the last thing Vancouver needed. There is a lot of hockey left to play, but that is becoming less and less the point.
Tonight so much went wrong.
- Sundin did not perform the way we expected him to. He was useless out there.
- I believe Mason Raymond was benched for the 3rd period or most of it. I say bench him and bring up Jason Jaffray. At least Jaffray has more heart and is more gritty.
- A 3-1 lead blown. So much for the trap.
- I have been a big supporter of Alain Vigneault, but it's ALMOST time for change, whether it be by trade or a coach's firing. This team is not to rebuild this season. It is meant to win.
- I didn't see the desperation needed.
- I hate Kevin Bieksa. He = Jovo 2.

At some time today I'll digest the players and coaches' post game reactions, but keep in mind that I'm not going to sugar coat anything.
This game was a step backward from the Sharks game, and that is not a good thing. Remember, there are no more excuses. This was a team that we had beaten 6 games in a row. We can't lose to teams like Nashville. We are supposed to be better than them.


F**k it. This is bull shit.
It's times like these where I believe I picked the right name for this site over 2 years ago. Not only are the Canucks fans waiting for a Cup: they are waiting for a team that they cheer for to be consistent and be successful. There is nothing about this Canucks team right now that suggests that any waiting will soon be over.