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Oh Damn that was close...

A great effort by the Canucks tonight. Sure they fell short losing in overtime but I really liked their effort as far as consistency goes. Hell, this was the San Jose Sharks for Christ's sakes. That was a well-earned point and I applaud the Canucks team for their efforts.
I could see the difference Sami Salo made as far as getting the puck out of their own zone. The Canucks were not hemmed in their own zone as much as in recent past.
Hell, they played for the 1-0 win and almost pulled it off. Had they pulled it off, Canucks nation would have hopped back on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, the loss may still fuel the doubter's fire.
I am proud of the efforts displayed tonight and I can see a bright immediate future for the team. They have only gotten better in the past 3 games.
Take a week off boys, and keep up the great effort. It can only lead to greater things.

PS: How about Ales Hemsky and the Oilers? Holy shitballs.

PPS: I think my Burrows-Thornton Photoshop image wasn't that far off. Burrows stymied Joe for most of the game.