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Looks like Sundin to play against Oilers Wednesday, according to Vancouver Sun

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They will update that story this afternoon.
I can't wait.

But let's be fair here. What can we really expect from Sundin say, in his first 5 games? 2 points? 5 points? It may take him that long to settle in. I just don't want to see the wagon-jumping fans and media blast Sundin if he starts off a little slow. Some patience may be required.
My biggest question mark with Sundin will be his 2-way play. I hope it's decent. It's going to have to be, as ALL players must play that way. Sundin has played on a defensive-minded team in Toronto in the past, back in the Sergei Berezin days, but the Leafs have been far from the team defence system in recent years.
Just a thought.

From the Team 1040 site:
Barring a major overnight setback or severe fatigue in his 37-year-old body, Mats Sundin will make his Canucks debut Wednesday night in Edmonton.

Sundin skated again Tuesday on a line with Mason Raymond and Kyle Wellwood, and announced after practice it 's pretty much a sure thing he'll suit up.

"If nothing changes by tomorrow morning, there's a good chance I'll play tomorrow - if not then, then obviously Friday (against St Louis). But unless I feel worse tomorrow morning or tonight, there's a good chance I'll play tomorrow."

Said Coach Vigneault:
"I told him that from what I saw on ice the last two practices, he looked good. The only way to get him to the pace that the NHL is right now is to put him in, put him in gradually, and let him work through the inactivity he's had here."
Let's see how much ice time Mats gets. There's no use in over-exerting himself is there?
Ah, 28 more hours. This should be good.

Here is the Sundin interview.

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