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Canucks-Sharks period by period

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I'm going to try something a little different for tonight's game against the Sharks. After each period I'm going to rate the Canucks' performance in several different categories in report card fashion. After the game I'll average out the ratings to hopefully give you more of an idea of how the team performed. Ratings will be based on my own opinion. If you disagree in any shape or form, you can let me know in the comments section.
Since all eyes are on Sundin, I'll include his general performance in a stat category as well.


Goaltending- 99% (flukey Blake goal off Kesler's skate)
Defensive play- 99%
Offensive play- 100%
Power play efficiency- 60%
Penalty Killing efficiency- 99%
Discipline- 20%
Shots for- 100%
Shots against- 60%
Ambition/effort- 100%
Physical game- 50%
Sundin's performance- 95%


Goaltending- 30% (lousy goal let in by Sanford)
Defensive play- 95%
Offensive play- 90%
Power play efficiency- 10% (no goals on a 4 minute PP)
Penalty Killing efficiency- 100%
Discipline- 95%
Shots for- 95%
Shots against- 95% (only 7 shots for the Sharks)
Ambition/effort- 100%
Physical game- 60%
Sundin's performance- 85%


Goaltending- 40% (Sanford just didn't get it done.)
Defensive play- 40%
Offensive play- 40%
Power play efficiency- 0%
Penalty Killing efficiency- 50%
Discipline- 30% (Mats...what were you doing? 2 minors in the 3rd)
Shots for- 10%
Shots against- 10%
Ambition/effort- 70%
Physical game- 30%
Sundin's performance- 20%


Goaltending- 56%
Defensive play- 78%
Offensive play- 76%
Power play efficiency- 23%
Penalty Killing efficiency- 83%
Discipline- 48%
Shots for- 68%
Shots against- 55%
Ambition/effort- 90%
Physical game- 47%
Sundin's performance- 67%

This ratings thing is kind of tough. It needs to be simplified.
Sundin looked better tonight, scoring a goal and 4 shots. But he took 2 penalties in the 3rd. One of them led to Marleau scoring a PP goal..the winning goal.
To me, a lot of them blame falls on Sanford tonights as he really wasn't good enough at all.

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