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Blues 6 Canucks 4

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- What a night for Martin St. Louis tonight.
- Steve Mason for the Calder!
- Michal Rosival eats the door leading to the bench and spits chicklets.
- Apeman Zach Stortini gets injured during a fight...yay!

Am I avoiding the topic? Why yes I am!
Sundin's debut at GM Place was forgettable. He not only made a lousy line change to lead to the Blues' 1 goal, but he took a slashing penalty to lead to a Blues' PP goal to salt this one away. Oh, I can hear the Sundin haters coming out of the woodwork already.
I don't get why this team underestimates lousy opponents, but they do. Sundin wasn't the only lousy player on the ice tonight. This looked like Leafs hockey circa the last 5 years at LEAST.
A lousy loss to a lousy team....again. End of story.
If the Canucks can muster any humility or pride and give the Sharks a run for their money on the grand stage called Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night I'll be impressed.
Oh, and I hear Sundin will be the guest on After Hours post game. This could get interesting.
In the meantime, Vancouver blows 2 points at home to a shitty road team that out-waited and out-hustled them when it mattered. The Canucks were outshot 26-12 after the first period. Ass. And again I say.....ASS.