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What was the last time you read a New York hockey journalist write this about Vancouver:

From Larry Brooks at the NY Post:
Sundin has had a standing two-year, $20 million offer on the table from Vancouver since early this summer. In this case, Vancouver GM Mike Gillis has been to Sundin what Yankees New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman was to CC Sabathia: a patient suitor with far and away the most cash to spend on a free agent operating on his own timetable.

The Rangers' GM, Sather, on the other hand, has a comparatively small amount of money available under the NHL salary cap that he could offer Sundin, who, The Post was told by multiple sources this summer, has a craving to play on Broadway.
I love life in the salary cap NHL world! Suck it, Rangers!

That being said, here is some more Sundin info for you....because deep down you really want to know!

Henrik Lundqvist tried to sell the Rangers to Sundin last summer. From Hockeyexpressen: - I talked to Mats home in Sweden last summer and tried to sell the New York Rangers and says' Henke '.

What was your best argument that he should choose Rangers?

I pointed out two things, and trips that are easy to handle if you play here in New York. You do not need to be away from home so long periods. We are very close to many away games.
Then, I drew attention to that one can live very anonymously in Manhattan, which I think speaks to the Mats after all the years in hockey-mad Toronto.

What can speak against Sundin choose Rangers?

- We may not have as much money to spend under the salary cap, as part of the other interested clubs. Otherwise, I can not see any disadvantages at the moment.

You can see the link next that article to where Sundin says he will play after Christmas.

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