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Western Conference standings causing panic for Canucks fans?

Being 3 points up on 8th spot Phoenix isn't exactly reassuring, especially when you consider how often the Canucks have been winning lately.... not enough. This circus in Vancouver will finally come to an end whenever Luongo makes his return. In the meantime I anticipate seeing what Jason Labarbera can do for us. I hope this little experiment works. Maybe he'll play his heart out, seeing that he is a BC boy.
Will Sundin make a huge difference with the Canucks even without Luongo in goal? So many question marks. So much WAITING. I hate it.
I am looking forward to seeing what this team is capable of with Sundin, Johnson and Luongo back in the lineup. We could be a deadly force. But we are going to have to WAIT for that to happen.
Let's see what the Canucks can do on their stupid and brief road trip on January 1st and 2nd where they play back to back nights against Nashville and Atlanta. If they win both games they should have a better cushion in the standings, and I can stop worrying about them. At the same time, the Canucks' road record is dwindling and now sits at 9-9-2 compared to their home record of 11-6-1.
Makes me want to drink. Speaking of that, I hope you all enjoy your New Years Eve festivities. I wish you all the best in the coming year.

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