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Waiting For Stanley Pics of 2008

I just went through each month's archive and picked my favorite pics and / or stories.


What better way to start off a year than with the 2nd Outdoor Game. It goes to a shootout and Crosby scores the winner. He then skates by the cameras behind the glass and screams like a girl.

If there was ever a good time to be a mascot this was it. Pam Anderson had also flashed a Canucks jersey on the Jay Leno show weeks earlier.


Richard Zednik gets a cyclone kick to the throat from a Sabres player and bleeds like a stuck pig. That was scary stuff. Good to see Zeddy back.


Oh yeah, 2 tix to the Nucks-Flames game as the season was winding down. Turned out that the Canucks spanked the Lames that night and Linden scored the last 2 goals of his career. Am I lucky or what?


Naslund accomplished a lot in the stats category playing as a Canuck. But when he complained about the defensive system and left for Manhattan my feeling definitely were not hurt. Unfortunately, then Gillis would sign almost a Naslund clone in Pavol Demitra in the summer.


The Red Wings were so good in the playoffs... it inspired me to do up a Photoshop of Zettersyuk's heads on a once-dominant tag team in the WWE, Demolition.


A tabloid writer in the Swedish Paper DN writes that Sundin is going to Vancouver. I caught this article late that night and posted it. Woke up the next day and the whole country was in disarray over it. Sundin's agent quickly squashed that rumor. Still though...I wonder how that reporter is feeling right now. Like Jesus perhaps?


The impatience and boredom of waiting for Sundin prompted me to do up this PS image of Sundin in Vancouver.


Once again, boredom plays a role. Notice how baby Sundin pissed on Gillis? I really didn't think he would choose Vancouver...but I sure as hell wanted him to.


How many of you dinks mocked Wellwood when he first signed here? This image was just me taking a funny stab at Woody as well. Yeah, he had a weight problem, but he sure has been a big comeback story for the Canucks this season.


Luongo is not allowed to wear the C on his jersey during games, but that didn't stop him from wearing it for the team photo.


After somewhat of a shakey October, Luongo turns into a mighty force in November. Mighty like the Emperor Palpatine. Days after this Photoshop creation Luongo's groin was destroyed like the Death Star.


I don't know about you, but when Sundin declared Vancouver as his choice I jumped up and down like Orphan Annie. Only difference is that I actually have real parents.

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