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Ugh, I Can't Believe He Picked Vancouver

Dec 19 Update - This is what happens when you post in 30 seconds and run out. Dining and dashing never works.

Anyway, what I meant to stress below is that my concern is more about the contract status for Ohlund and the Sedins, not that signing Sundin prohibits a new contract for them. I'm suggesting those three hold more importance to the team's future past this season then Sundin. Come July 1, as Luongo heads into his final year, this team doesn't have the rights to any of them. Lots of time left to fix that, but I'm concerned nonetheless.

And since we don't know the final numbers, I can't really estimate the cap hit and how that affects further additions to the team should some fall in Gillis's lap. Though it sounds like Sundin took less in either his signing bonus or prorated deal to allow Gillis some further wiggle room. If that's the case, then it's the first bit of good news I've heard in the past 12 hours.

Until I see Sundin prove otherwise, I find myself in the odd position of agreeing with Scott Burnside of all people. And it doesn't take much to understand the rage of Leafs fans this morning either.


I have about thirty seconds to comment on Sundin, but in those thirty seconds I will make myself the most unloved blogger in my little Canuck family.

My heart sunk a little when I saw the TSN graphic. I disagree with Leaf-Happy Sean that this makes us a contender. Why? Because we already were and now have no cap space when we get nailed with injuries (like, oh, last night when O'Brien and Salo went down) or when we have a shot at acquiring a younger player who will stay longer than a few months and could be another crucial building block. Honestly, I still stand by every line I said when I asked him to go away.

Ironically the only one I agree with right now is Gillis:

"I think we're a better team for sure but I'm not going to place that label (Stanley Cup contender) on any team."

Damn straight you shouldn't. No one should.

Some parting thoughts:

- What of Ohlund's contract status?

- What of the Sedins contract status?

- Honestly, where the hell does he play?

- When does the bald one start?

- When can I start bitching about his game shape?

Lastly, keep him away from Salo at all times.

Fine, I didn't want the old guy but now he's here for a million more than Luongo and for basically half the season. Cute. Pressure's on. You're MY old guy now so I get to bitch to no end.

This isn't some sort of odd vacation Mats. We have a team that's doing better then expected, a GM willing to take a risk and a nation of fans who were just reminded last night of how close we once were and how badly we want to be back there.

So help me God if you let us down...