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The Sens Go Marching In

First, my apologies for disappearing on everyone. I was fighting round two of a sickness then had to run south of the Mason Dixon line for the holidays. I trust everyone got punch drunk happy with their presents. Or just punch drunk. Or just punchy, we'll take punchy.

Moving on to hockey, our fair team is 1-3 into the new Sundin era (if you count when he signed, not when he actually plays) including a humiliating 5-0 loss to San Jose prior to Christmas and a 3-2 loss to Edmonton two nights ago.

With Luongo skating again and the bald one arriving in town tomorrow, things are looking up. But before either guy returns the Canucks get to deal with the Senators tonight.

I had to do a doubletake to see that Ottawa is comfortably dead last in the Northeast which shows how much I haven't paid attention to my second favorite team. Yikes. Old friend Alex Auld has been hung out to dry a bit it seems.

Vancouver needs a win badly, just to get their chi in harmony. Also the Northwest is a logjam again with Calgary currently maintaining a three point lead.

Time to get 'er done. Punch it Chewie.