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Sundin has arrived in Vancouver!

The plane from Frankfurt, Germany landed in Vancouver at 2:20 PST this after noon. Gad damn, I'm excited and I just can't hide it! Woo! Image is from the Vancouver Sun. According to the Sun:

Sundin was whisked out a back entrance from the arrivals area at Vancouver International Airport.
You can see Sundin texting Josephine telling her that it rains too much in Vancouver, and that he wants to go home already. I kid.

Remember, will be streaming the Canucks practice with Sundin tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM PST. That should be great to watch.
Now that he has landed here I think the full reality of it has just sunk in.

TSN has a video clip of it up. Notice how there's no yammering by reporters? Just the flickering of paparazzi cameras. There will be a press conference tomorrow at noon I believe.
Welcome to Vancouver, Mats!

This news clip is funny. The media was waiting for Sundin's plane to arrive and who do they run into? Gene Simmons! Hilarious. I guess the Simmons family is going skiing in Whistler. Bah, who cares about that pompous fool.

Canucks players discuss what it means for Sundin to play here. Alain Vigneault will meet with Mats tomorrow morning to see where he is at physically. Sundin may surprise him. But don't expect Sundin to jump into the lineup too early. I would still guess about 10-14 days.

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