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Sportsnet sources: Canucks and Rangers may be Sundin's top picks

A source tells the Vancouver Canucks and New York Rangers are the leading contenders to sign Mats Sundin, but others teams also remain in the mix.
I don't like the Rangers' cap situation. They would have to get rid of the expensive Michal Roszival to make room for Mats' pro-rated contract. Who is going to jump at Roszival?
I like the Canucks' offer not only because it's lucrative, but also because it's a 2-year deal. However, the big issue for Mike Gillis is that if he is going to sign Sundin for that much, how is he going to make cap room for the Sedins and Ohlund, who's contract negotiations are ongoing? Don't forget about extensions for Burrows and others as well. Remember that this Canucks team is not rebuilding. It needs to win this year or next year. Or, at least it seems to be set up that way.

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