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Sharks sign Claude Lemieux to a 2-way contract

From Sportsnet:
"This is simply the next step in the evaluation process with Claude," Sharks executive vice-president and general manager Doug Wilson said. Lemieux must still clear NHL waivers, which would run through Tues., Dec. 30 at Noon PST. Should he clear waivers, Wilson said he would be assigned back to Worcester.
Lemieux is probably hated by most fans for his antics, but I'm not one of the haters. His intensity and passion in the playoffs is nearly unmatched. He was like an Alex Burrows on crack with better hands.
The 43 year old Lemieux isn't exactly tearing it up with Worchester, with 2 goals and 6 points in 14 games with the Sharks' affiliate. But he may just be a decent addition if a depth player gets injured in San Jose...especially in the playoffs.
Claude's career points per game in the regular season (NHL): .655
His NHL playoffs points per game: .678
The stats don't show his playoff prowess but his play does.
Lemieux has won 4 Stanley Cups in his career: One with the Canadiens in 1986, one with the Avalanche in 1996, and 2 with the Devils (1995 and 2000).

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