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Sanford back in backup role / Salo update

I had no idea that Curtis Sanford's back was healed. It sounds that way as he expressed his disappointment in not playing in last night's game against the Avalanche:
"I'm disappointed," Sanford said before backing up against the Avalanche. "I wanted to get back in there, obviously. I didn't have a great game on Thursday [in Detroit] and I didn't think too many other guys on the team did, either.

"Cory deserved to get back in there, and I just have to look forward to my next chance. You never know what's going to happen. My mindset doesn't change. I still have a job to do on this team." - Vancouver Sun
Well considering how Schneider played in the loss to the Avs, I would almost have to think that the Sandman may get the start against Nashville on Wednesday.
I also agree with his assessment about how poorly the team played in front of him in the loss to Detroit.

I guess I'm not the only person who didn't notice when Salo hurt himself during last night's tilt. According to the Sun, Salo was unavailable for questions after the game however, Alain Vigneault shed a bit of light on the situation:
"First indication is he just tweaked his groin there a little bit," Vigneault said. "That's all I know."
Hey! You're not supposed to elaborate on injuries! Salo has a "lower body injury."

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