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Oilers beat Canucks / No Sundin until Tuesday

I won't even get too much into the Canucks-Oilers game except to say that the Canucks stabbed themselves in the foot by taking too many penalties and then put the heavy pressure on when it was too late. Vigneault addressed that post game.
Intense 3rd period wasn't it? 14 shots to 3 for the Nucks but to no avail. The Oilers scored 2 PP goals to the Canucks' 1.

Sundin was reportedly expected to land in Vancouver on Saturday. But that has been delayed to Tuesday. So Ben-Angt Gustafsson's prediction of Sundin playing for the Canucks by January 10 may be about right. He wants to persuade Mats to play for Sweden in 2010.
Like I said...distractions...
Sundin will no doubt kick start our power play, amongst many other things. Obviously Pavol Demitra can't get the job done, nor the Sedins. Sundin's presence will be welcomed here. In the meantime the Canucks need to put together a solid game like we all know they CAN. It's just not happening right now.
Sanford looked fine tonight, but his team didn't bail him out.
How do you like the play of Dwayne Roloson? Yeah, 39 years old and still ticking. Doesn't surprise me one bit. What surprised me was the Oilers' play in front of Rolie the Goalie. Pretty impressive. The Oilers supposedly sucked right? Well eat your words. They aren't toast just yet. The Northwest Division race is only just heating up, in my opinion.