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Luongo not accompanying Canucks to Edmonton

That is what the Vancouver Sun reported today. Alain Vigneault mentioned that the goalie is feeling some soreness in his groin.
So, he probably did aggravate it a bit on Wednesday when he left practice early.
I think we can almost assume that Luongo is going to need the full 5 weeks to recover. It has been 3 weeks since the injury. It could be fair to say that he may not be back until after Christmas.
It's probably better to assume that because waiting daily for his return just isn't worth the mind strain. We are going to have to put our trust in Curtis Sanford that he gets us through the month of December.
Personally, I trust him. He has looked great lately.
Until then, we don't need Luongo further complicating matters for himself. I'll bet Luongo is ultra-frustrated right now. But he can't let that impatience ruin his long term plans. That groin has to heal 100% or we could lose him for the year.

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