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Luongo could return next week

A poster at CDC found this from Luongo's page at Yahoo Sports:
Dec 6: G Roberto Luongo did not skate Friday after spending the previous four straight days on the ice, including taking controlled shots from goalie coach Ian Clark Thursday, but is still ahead of schedule to return from a Nov. 22 groin injury. He plans to join teammates on the ice in Denver over the weekend and could return by the following Saturday in Edmonton, maybe even in Nashville this Tuesday.
I am a bit surprised by this. It seems a bit premature, and the last thing you'd want Louie to do is aggravate the injury in an early return. But the doctors should be trusted in their judgement.
In the meantime, it was great seeing Cory Schneider play that well against the Wild last night. Hopefully he can sustain that kind of consistent success.

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