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Luongo and his groin at odds

Roberto answered the burning question as to what exactly happened at practice last Wednesday, where he left early.
''It wasn't feeling like it was supposed to be feeling, so I got off the ice,'' Luongo said on Sunday. ''I didn't want to make it worse and I'm going to stay off the ice until I'm 100 percent.''

Luongo then admitted he has conversations with his groin.
''Week-to-week? Tough to say,'' Luongo said to reporters today. ''This is the first time I've dealt with a groin injury. Just when I thought I was ready to get back into it, my groin was telling me something else.

''I'm a competitor; I want to be in goal every day.''
Well, you'll have to stick with the XBox 360 for now, pal.

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