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Live-blogging the Canucks-Ducks game for

It's always a great time hanging out with Canucks fans online during the game. You can either join in on the fun from here or go to Ducks fans are more than welcome on the board as well. Just don't cry if you lose. You don't want to get any moisture in your keyboard.
If I didn't make the cut, there are other cool cats modding the chat board. Come on in and hang out. The board usually opens up 15 minutes before the game.


I was thinking to myself "Geez look at Sanford...he's such a 'guessing' goalie." But the Ducks were crashing his crease all night, trying to make him fail. Well, fail he didn't.
The Canucks' effort was terrific and I'm glad they finally got some goals. Nice to see them shoot high on Hiller for 3 of the 4 goals. That's gold, boys!
The Canucks put some pressure on in the 3rd period, being up 3-1. But the Ducks outshot the Nucks 13-4 in the 3rd and nearly tied it. There was a lot of anxiety in Canuck-land I figure. There was a lot of it on the chat board. And by the way, the chat board was great. There were Canucks fans from all over the map on there tonight.....Scotland, England, Indiana, New Check the above chat board for photo images of some Vancouver and Canucks bloggers doing their thing LIVE at GM Place for the Ducks game. Great stuff. Rebecca, Fin still wants that kiss.

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