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Linden night - Canucks-Oilers preview

This is a big day in Canucks' history. Canucks legend Trevor Linden will have his #16 retired and there will be all sorts of festivities surrounding the Canucks-Oilers game.
At 6:00 pm the celebration ceremonies begin on Rogers Sportsnet Pacific, or you can watch it at It's going to be a tear-jerking and suiting tribute to Mr. Canuck.
At 8:00 pm there will be a roundtable hosted by Barry MacDonald with special guests Dean Linden, Kirk McLean and Norm Jewison.

Linden's jersey is going to look great next to Stan Smyl's #12.

The Canucks will most likely feel the emotion of this tribute and hopefully play an ultra-inspired game against an Oilers squad that had their butts handed to them 9-2 by the Blackhawks on Tuesday night. Once again, you can expect fireworks in this game with all the emotions and the rivalry alone. Keep in mind that the Vancouver lost 3-0 to the Oilers last Saturday in an un-inspired effort. I don't see them sleeping in this one.
I'll update this post all day with any player interviews or lineup changes.

11:53 AM
Sami Salo is doubtful for tonight. Where once he had a groin issue, he is now apparently suffering from the flu...again. Sometimes I really thing we need to either trade this guy or waive him. Then he scores an OT goal against Detroit and I like him all over again.

Thanks to for this tidbit:
On Sunday against the Panthers, the Canucks set a new team record for the three fastest consecutive special teams goals in a single period when Pavol Demitra and Kyle Wellwood tallied power play markers followed by Ryan Kesler’s shorthanded goal in a span of 2:08 during the second period.
That was pretty impressive wasn't it? Adiose Panthers!

From Sanford today:
"It’s up to one of us to take the ball. We can’t be winning one, losing one. One of us has to get on a roll. Until the coaching staff sees that, it might be back and forth."
No kidding! One of you guys get on a roll already! Yeesh!

Linden said that he was "hocked and overwhelmed" by the honor that he is about to receive. I think sometimes you just have to know when you're good, Trevor! Don't be so bashful!

In case you have lived under a rock for the past 16 days, has had a special on their site called "16 days of Trevor Linden. The complete archive of that can be found here. Lots of great Linden history there.

CDC has a video clip up on Wellwood too. The players love him. No, he's not the fastest skater, nor does he have a huge physical game, but he's in the right place at the right time frequently. I don't think many people thought he'd be a sniper, because he's known for his playmaking abilities. But this year he's changed that. Worth a look.

3:00 PM

A new Gate 16 at GM Place has been intrduced in honor of Linden. The big 16 unveiled in the snowy weather today. I wonder how many city slickers won't make the game because of reckless snowy driving. Everyone take the Sky Train!
Said Linden today:
"I’m hoping to keep it together, that should be a challenge," Linden told reporters this morning at GM Place. "I’m hoping to have fun and obviously speaking to 18,000 people is not my forte. But I think it is going to be a fun night. I know how hard (the Canuck staff) have worked on putting this night together, so I think it is going to be a great night."

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