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Here Kitty Kitty...

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Gameday at the Gaylord "Boots" Del Biaggio Sommet Center with the 8th place Nashville Predators tonight. I can almost feel the excitement reverberating across the fruited plains and the great white north. What do you expect the crowd to be tonight? 10,000?

Anyway, early last month the extinct kitties visited GM Place and helped wake Wellwood and kickstart Luongo's three game shutout streak. Moreover it helped propel Vancouver to the top of the division and one of their best November records to date.

Sans Luongo this time around so wunderkind Schneids may get the nod again over Sanford. And by the way Schneids desperately needs a new nickname. We collectively have to work on this.

On the other end the Blues may have done Vancouver a favor by blasting player of the week netminder Pekka Rinne out of the game with three goals in four minutes last night. Though I think Dan Ellis is ready to take the reigns again, I hope Trotz keeps Rinne in...not so much because he just got shellshocked but it would set up a nice duel between up and coming goalies.

On the "how's Lui's groin?" front: the captain skated yesterday and was reportedly still sore. Despite that rumors are still out there he'll return to his office Saturday against the Oilers with the proverbial "we'll see" hanging heavily in the air over that.

Another guy with a "we'll see" clause at the moment is Steve Bernier who awoke from his trek into Jan Bulis land to show us he can still score if given the icetime. If he can start contributing with some sort of regularity, it'll obviously take the onus off Sedins/Demitra a bit in addition to helping this story die the death it needs to.

A solid 60 is all we ask; regardless of who is in net the Canucks are damned hard to beat when Vigneault has them moving. They took some time off against Detroit and it cost them, they took time off against Colorado and lost a point. Now they are up against a team that just last night took the last few minutes off and got embarrassed so expect the Preds to be motivated. We can only hope Vancouver will be.