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Here Comes The Slow Train From Philly Again (Liveblog)

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The last time these two teams met I wanted to blow up every Rocky movie I've seen. Seriously, 8-2? They just had their way with us all night long and Jesse Boulerice had his way with a stick and Ryan Kesler's face. All around an ugly effort. And it stings over a year later (as it should, the Canucks haven't given up 8 goals in over four years).

But the slow train is back and they bring with them the league's #1 power play and the #1 goal scorer (Jeff Carter, 26 goals). And to think these guys also wanted Sundin? Bunch of friggin fascists. They're currently riding a two game losing streak, including their first shutout loss of the year to Columbus of all people three nights ago.

Suffice it to say, the Flyers have no problem scoring. Do you best Star Wars emperor voice when you read the following: It would be unwise to tempt them. Granted Vancouver is coming off an improbable Curtis Sanford shutout but that was against the Senators. They don't count anymore.

With the city abuzz about the chrome krona getting in a car (more on that in a sec) this is hardly a game to take lightly. Expect a rough match, a Hordichuk fight or two, plenty of action for Brown, Kesler bleeding by the middle frame and, finally, a well deserved 4-3 Vancouver win. Why? Because they deserve it that's why.


Speaking of his holiness Hordichuk, he has a new blog out where he describes what goes through his head when he fights. I have to say, this blog is absolutely priceless. For your consideration:

After being in almost 100 NHL fights, the fear of squaring off with someone starts to go away but I mean it’s only human to be scared when you’ve got a big 6’5 220-plus pound guy running at you with fists. It’s like swimming towards a shark when you have a bloody nose – scary, right?...The best way I can describe it, I guess is that I feel like I almost blackout in a fight. I don’t really remember too much what happens when it’s happening, I just go in throwing them – almost like I’ve done it so many times, it’s like a routine that I’m just comfortable in. I always so something different in my fights but there are definitely those things that you continue to do just because it’s familiar – I guess that’s how I feel about what I do too.

We should all love I should love my job as much as Darcy does. "I just sorta black out" en route to chucking rocks and haymakers is hockey at its finest. That's why we call you hero Darcy. Never change. Never.


OK fine: he's here. And just in case you really want to get your fanboy or fangirl jumpers in a knot, you can watch him take his first Canuck skate this morning. That's right: starting this morning the official "when will Mats pull his groin?" sweepstakes can begin. And will it come before Vigneault gets pissy and lines him up with Bolduc and Krog? Who knows, but games are fun aren't they?