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Do I have the touch of death?

Yes I did run into Pavol Demitra in Vancouver the day after their OT win over Detroit last week. I slapped him on the shoulder, pointed at him and smiled as if to say: "Great job."
Now since I am a mocker of superstitions, jinxes and what not, I want to jokingly point out a funny stat about Demitra:

In the 3 games prior to the slap on the shoulder by yours truly, Demitra had 12 shots on goal, 3 goals and 2 assists.

In the 3 games after the slap Demitra has 5 shots, no goals and no assists, plus he was taken off the top line.

The Zandberg touch of death? I think so! Maybe I did hurt him!

Once again, this is said in good(?) fun.

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