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Contract talks with Ohlund's agent and Gillis cease

From TSN yesterday:
"Right now, I'm just focusing on hockey and I'm leaving (a possible new contract) to J.P. (Barry) and Mike (Gillis)," said Ohlund. "We've still got some time. We'll figure it out one way or the other."
I would expect the contract talks regarding the Sedins' contracts are stalled as well. When it comes to money, the Canucks are approaching the cap with the addition of Sundin. What will be their scenario next season? There is a slim chance that both the Sedins and/or Ohlund will be playing for the Canucks next season IF they demand market value. Moving both the Sedins in a trade would not be easy and I wouldn't be surprised if they patiently wait it out until next summer, as they have made it clear that they want to stay here. Can the same be said about Ohlund? He is making $3.5 million right now and could ask for nearly double that.
There are too many "what-if's" right now. So much is riding on this season. Gillis is trying to win now. If the Canucks go deep into the playoffs this year without winning, Sundin may decide to stay, and there goes $10 million in cap space if Gillis re-signs him, limiting what other free agents stay here. That's just one scenario. It's also unknown who Gillis wants to keep around.
The list of potential Canucks free agents isn't small. Gillis is going to be busy, and these potential contract negotiations with all of these players is going to be an ongoing story. Hopefully it won't be too much of a distraction. We already have enough of that going on.

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