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Canucks stink up the Shark Tank

5-0 Sharks. I had predicted 5-1 Sharks. Many, including myself are wondering why Alain Vigneault didn't start Curtis Sanford tonight, as Cory Schneider faced a barrage of Sharks shots and didn't have much of a chance. Sanford replaced Schneider and stopped all shots he faced just to re-enforce our opinion. But hold on a second. The Canucks played a fair bit better in front of Sanford tonight plus the Sharks let up on us after it was 5-0. Sanford faced a few tough shots and looked solid. Further proof of the Sharks backing off? The Canucks outshot the Sharks 13-5 in the 3rd period.
Maybe AV saw something in Schneider recently that prompted him to start red head. Maybe he thought Sanford couldn't handle back-to-back starts on consecutive nights. Who cares? Not saying names, but the Canucks handed out some apple turnovers in front of Schneider. One team had chicken or turkey plus stuffing and eggnog on their minds prematurely while the other team didn't.
Call it a stinker. Nothing to worry about, except for this.
Don't even start with the jet lag excuses. How long does it take to fly from Vancouver to San Jose?
It was a stinker. No use in over-analyzing this one. It's over now. If the Canucks played that way in front of Luongo they would have lost this one. The Sharks are an amazing team, and we just let them toy with us.