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Canucks lose to Flyers but gain Jason Labarbera

I missed tonight's game and that is good. Why? Because it doesn't sting as much when you don't invest your time watching them lose.

The acquisition of Jason Labarbera is interesting. I would like to know WHEN exactly they made that deal, rather than when it was announced (during the 1st intermission).
So we know Curtis Sanford has a groin injury now. But was this acquisition more about:
a) the Canucks not having faith in Cory Schneider
b) the Canucks knew Sanford was a leg kick away from his balls breaking
c) Luongo is going to be out of action for a fair bit longer yet
d) all of the above

More will be revealed soon. Here is a good interview with Assistant GM Lorne Henning about the trade.

How much faith do any of you have in BC Boy Jason Labarbera?

The jury is out for me. At least he's a big presence in net, unlike Sanford.

"I’m ecstatic," LaBarbera said during the middle of Tuesday’s third period. "It’s something I’ve always dreamed of, being from the Lower Mainland. It’s huge for me. It’s going to be a lot different than playing in L.A., that’s for sure."
OK, Barbie, just kick some butt between the pipes for us.

Here is some insight from a Kings fan's perspective over at A Queen Among Kings. Nice parting words for Labarbera (Barbs) there.