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Canucks beat Oilers 4-2 on Linden night

What a terrific tribute to Linden pregame. Linden shed no tears before his speech up to the point of his banner being raised. Much like his father, he braved the tears of joy and pulled off the most classiest act I've seen in a jersey retirement ceremony, deflecting almost all of the attention and praise from himself and directing it to his former teammates, family, etc.
"This is an incredible day," said Linden. "To the fans of Vancouver and the province of B.C., it's hard to express my gratitude to you tonight. Thank you for letting me into your lives. Thanks for being incredible, passionate hockey fans."

Linden speech Part 1

Linden speech Part 2: I can see our friends Roger and Krista in the stands at the 5:50 mark. Lucky bastards! Listen to what he says about people seeing his jersey in the rafters...class personified:

Here is a clip of his jersey being raised:

Then the Canucks come out and beat the Oilers in mostly sound fashion to let Linden go home even more proud.
I'm not sure about the injuries to O'Brien and Salo, but it looks like Salo could be out a lot longer than #55. It's hard to replace glass when you break it.
The Hansen-Sedin line clicked with 5 points: 3 for Dank, 2 for Hansen and 1 for Hank. A great game by them.
You can also see that Kesler and Burrows are beginning to claw their way back to becoming offensive threats.
What I really don't get was AV's lineup change of Wellwood centering Hordichuk and Brown on the 4th line to start the game. Strange.
The Canucks kept the Oilers to the outside for most of the game. I thought that Sanford was steady in goal with every shot minus the Gagner goal. He deserves another look in the next game.


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