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Don't panic about Luongo's groin

There is all kinds of speculation that Roberto Luongo may have aggravated his groin injury during practice on Wednesday, as he left the ice early and was unavailable for comments. Alain Vigneault said:
"He's been following a steady plan and the plan is for him to practice on Friday," Vigneault told the Vancouver Sun. "Every day is steady improvement. Groins are tough areas for players, especially goaltenders so we'll see how things progress."
Is Luongo pushing himself too hard to return early? That question remains unanswered and is left up to speculation at this point. There are several reasons why he could have left early: sore groin, explosive diarrhea, chicken's getting cold, etc. OK, excuse my sad humor.
Groin injuries are a tricky situation for goalies to go through. Luongo is surrounded by professionals who I'm sure are experts on the matter and are not letting him over-exert himself. I think it's fair to say that we should trust them.
I also think Luongo may need another 2 weeks off just to be safe. That would be my guess. After all, he is considered week-to-week.
"Roberto has been on his own schedule since the injury," said Vigneault, not looking particularly upbeat. "He warms up, he practises, he takes what he can take and when he feels he’s had enough, he comes off. It was no different today.
"The timeline remains week-to-week. I can’t invent an answer for you. We originally said week-to-week. Some groins are quicker than others. That’s all I can say."
"Roberto is only going to come back when he’s 100 per cent," stated Vigneault. "When he’s ready to play, he’ll let us know. He’s no different than any other player on our team. You guys have to give this up. I can’t tell you more than I’ve told you here."
Vigneault and obviously Luongo are tired of talking about it.
Expect Louie to miss the next the next 2 games at LEAST. We should be fine with Sanford in net against the Oilers and Panthers. And the more wins we get with Sanford, the less of a rush there is for Luongo to come back. And when I say "rush" I mean the "rush" or "panic" from fans and media, because as the coach mentioned, Luongo is not coming back until he is 100%.
More on Luongo and the Canucks at the Vancouver Sun.

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