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A Wellwood diet book? Woody laughs at fat jokes

So here I have been ranting at Wellwood haters and mockers calling them immature idiots and Kyle goes on record saying he thinks it's funny. From Slam Sports:
Kyle Wellwood laughs when he recalls the nicknames he was labelled with not so long ago during his, ah, chunkier days.

Like Kyle Wellfed.

Or Pork Chop.

There were so many, he can't remember them all.

"Personally, I liked the Wellwood sign somebody had," the former Maple Leaf recalled yesterday from Vancouver. "The 'W' in my name was the upside down golden arches of McDonalds.

"I think that kind of stuff is funny."

Here's something else that is funny: He recently was approached to write a book. "Actually, they want me to do a diet book now," he said, chuckling. "Everyone is talking about the new Wellwood diet."

A diet book. Wow. This story is insane.
As long as Wellwood's feelings aren't hurt then that is all that matters, right ^

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