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Vancouver Sun petition to get NHL to allow Luongo to wear the "C"

I didn't even realize this was happening or I would have rallied the cause earlier. The Vancouver Sun will present this petition to the NHL HQ in New York tomorrow. It reads as follows:
Mr. Bettman,

More than 2,200 Vancouver Sun readers have spoken and implore you to alter National Hockey League rules to allow Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo to wear the 'C' as the team's captain. The Canucks have named him their leader, on and off the ice, and we join fans of the team, and the league, in requesting you address this matter with the utmost urgency so he can finish the season recognized by the league as the team's captain.

Enclosed in this package is a collection of names we received online. A reply would be appreciated as soon as possible so we can let fans know your response to this burning issue.
Only 2200-plus have signed this petition so far. More need to step up. Follow this link to sign the petition. Do it! He's our captain.

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