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Sundin training 5-7 days per week, and loving Beverly Hills

Sundin talked to Hockeyexpressen recently about where he is at mentally. He has not made up his mind on hockey yet, only to say that if he doesn't make up his mind by late December or early January, then he won't play this season at all. If he skips this season he feels he will no longer play.
Sundin has privately been training for what he says to be 5-7 days per week 2 hours per day in a gym. He has not hit the ice yet. Is there even any ice in California? I kid.
He mentioned that he is loving life in Beverly Hills with his girlfriend Josephine. They have been swimming, going to concerts, barbecuing, having sex, etc.
He mentioned he liked the weather in Cali at this time of year a lot better than in Toronto. He also said that he will be looking for an apartment in Toronto, not that that means anything, but maybe that relieves a bit of the sting to Leafs fans when his mansion sold.
There you have it. If you haven't felt a sense of rage, indifference, or nausea by now, I congratulate you.

Doesn't Josephine look a bit like Jessica Simpson in that picture?

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