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Damn It Feels Good To Be A (Shutout) Gangsta

11/12 10:54 AM ET Update: The Avs arrive in town with an inconsistent goalie and no captain.

Meanwhile, on the other end, Kesler and Burrows get their buddy back tonight. So does Ouellet sit for the night? Also, the defense have honed their PK skills and FINALLY are beginning to stop taking stupid penalties. Small miracles indeed.

The guys are also concerned about jinxing Luongo's shutout streak. My advice? Screw it, just get the win. Luongo will be fine on his own with another shutout or not.

Lastly, your fun fact for the day:

40 percent success rate on shots by Vancouver center Kyle Wellwood, by far the best mark in the NHL. Wellwood has scored a team- leading six goals on 15 shots. Two of Wellwood's goals have been winners, and he has scored four goals on the power play.

...and Sean runs to the bathroom to play with himself upon hearing that news. Ha!

If you need an opposing viewpoint, head on over to In The Cheap Seats or Mile High Hockey, they'll take care of you.


Move over Pudge, there's a new media darling in town.

That captain guy of ours notched the NHL's first star of the week due largely in part to being 100% perfect last week. Or maybe it's the recognition of Luongo's inner demon: his hatred of losing (sure sure, but still a bitchin' headline to see in the newspaper). Regardless, he and his first place crew are hard to ignore even from those outfits who thought they'd, you know, suck ass.

It sure doesn't hurt either that the defense is (a) healthy and (b) starting to kick in some points, lead by everyone's favorite blueline punching bag (ok besides Salo) Kevin Bieksa.

Up on the forward lines, nothing terribly new; Hansen and Demitra are taking baby steps back but don't expect to see them suited up just yet (definitely with Demitra, give him plenty of bed rest. Poor old guy).

And up next is your old friend and mine, the Forsberg-led Sakic-led (maybe?) Hejduk-led Colorado Avalanche. Man if there was ever a Canuck killer combination out there it's Sakic and Hejduk. Let Sakic ride this one out guys. If that isn't bad enough, they have (on paper) an absolutely killer second line: Wojtek Wolski, Paul Stastny and Marek Svatos. Yikes. How the hell is this team last in the division?

Let's see: well their PK is a bit worse than Vancouver's and their PP is sort of in the toilet right now. Ohhhh right maybe it has something to do with this guy backed up by this guy. We feel your pain Avs fans, have you heard the name "Dan Cloutier"? No? "Felix Potin"? No? "Martin Brochu"?? Ugh, I just made passed out and woke up on the floor.

Sadly the Avs won't be bringing Scott Parker along but they will have featured free agent dynamo Darcy Tucker with them. He's been in the news recently for some sort of strange thing but no worries I have faith in our Darcy to handle him if need be. Or Brown. Or O'Brien. Or Bieksa. Or Bernier. Christ, anyone else with a 'B' last name I miss?

The Avs won't be easy, but the Canucks are hitting their stride and they have Mr. Perfect in net. Me thinks they'll be fine.