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More exciting brand of hockey doesn't always bring success

I'll just copy / paste what I said at the CDC forums.

A poster said:

Jumping To Conclusions 101.

Last night was a pretty wild game to say the least, but we aren't getting anywhere playing like that.

Agreed. Whichever of you Nuck fans wanted a more exciting style of play really don't get the concept of winning. Last night (and there have been other games as well) the Canucks blew a 3 goal lead and the 6-5 lead with a minute left. That is bunk. You want the more wide open style? It will fail and the Canucks will miss the playoffs that way. Defence wins cups, kids. Look at Detroit, Tampa Bay, Carolina with their Cup wins. The Canucks are not playing anywhere near that type of defensive hockey now. It's erratic and horse crap. Defencemen caught pinching over and over again, and lousy zone coverage. We may as well bring Marc Crawford back. It's the same useless style and it doesn't win championships I promise you that. COMPOSURE IS KEY. AV had that mostly with this club until Gillis showed up and changed everything. Luongo must feel like he's in Florida again for God's sake.
Naslund whined his way out of town partially because of the defensive system and Demitra whined his way INTO town because he hated playing Lemaire's tight defensive game. What a lousy fucking trend I'm seeing.
Bring back the trap. And damned all you who don't miss the 2-1 games. I prefer success over an entertaining brand of hockey that is inconsistent.


And I stand by those comments. I am getting deja-vu with this current squad. Bieksa is your new Jovo. Demitra is the new Naslund. Blah blah.
I assure you that Alain Vigneault knows what coaching style works and why the team failed down the stretch last season, but he has a gun to his head from his boss to play this new, refreshing, high-tempo game. It's unfortunate. Exciting, yes, but like I said, I'll take the 2-1 wins over 5-4 wins any day. Not this crazy night-to-night madness that we are seeing now.