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Luongo: From human to immortal in one week

If Luongo keeps this up, he could have a career year in shutouts. The most he's had in one season is 8 with the Panthers in 2005-06. He now has 3 shutouts in his last 5 games and leads the NHL with 5 total.
It has been 141 minutes since someone has beat him.
With this re-emergence of Luongod comes Canuck success. They have now won 4 of their last 5 and trail the Northwest Division leading Wild by one point.
So now the game between the Wild and Canucks on Saturday holds even more importance.

Kevin Bieksa is on a roll. He played a fair bit more than any other Nucks defenceman tonight, logging 25:16 of icetime and scoring the game's only goal. He can be prone to defensive lapses on one night and then be brilliant the next night. In 11 games this season, Bieksa has 3 goals and 9 points. He looks to have a great season much like he did 2 years ago.

It was good to see the Canucks play better defensively. The guys blocked 20-plus shots. If they want to, they can score an ass-load of goals, but then they give up a lot of goals as well. Tonight was the opposite. They couldn't bury the puck but were a lot more stingy defensively.
So I think the team is still trying to establish an identity of both and being consistent in that.

Steve Bernier has 4 goals and 8 points in 14 games. He missed a glorious chance tonight. He seems to be struggling a bit. I think it's fair to say we expect more from him.

It seemed that Michel Ouellet played his way into obscurity as the game went on. He started the contest on the top line with the Sedins and then I didn't see too much of him.

Wellwood was good tonight but didn't get on the scoreboard.

Had a great time hanging out at Canucks and Beyond tonight, as Alanah had a live blog up using Cover It Live. The Yankee Canuck co hosted the live blog with Canucks and Beyond, spreading his filthy hate of Wellwood. At least Mike is funny as hell when he mocks.


Blake Wheeler scores a hatty against the Leafs tonight in Boston and a bra is thrown on the ice. Is bra power about to start in Beantown? You guys can't use Blake the Brabarian because we've already thought of that.

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