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Is GM Place an intimidating place for opposing teams to play in?

There was all this hoopla over the #7 over a month ago, and it was revealed that the fans were applauded as the "7th player" on the team. I can remember the guy on the P.A. mentioning that fans gave the Canucks the home-ice advantage, and gave the fans a big thank-you, blah blah blah.
Let me be honest. I really didn't feel that the atmosphere or the crowd at the Canucks-Wings game was all that intimidating (not until the last few minutes of the game, anyway). In fact, there was a time where I knew I could yell something (being 14 rows up even) and someone on the far side of the ice could have heard me. There are plenty of instances where the fans are quiet and not that rowdy at all. It's not the first time I have recognized this at a live game at GM Place. When listening to the game on t.v. I had the same thoughts, and wondered if it was just the sound equipment placement.
GM Place is no Air Canada Center. And it is definitely no Bell Center either. I have been to a Habs game in Montreal and the fans there are much more into the game vocally. Now that place is intimidating to play in.
So, what gives Vancouver?
Does everyone have to get drunk to come out of their shells? What is the cause of this quiet atmosphere in between goals and fights?
I asked several people in Vancouver about this and every person had a different opinion.
One was that there are so many corporates hanging out there because they hold so many of the tickets and that "suits" are lame.
Another person mentioned that many of these season-ticket holders give their tickets away to people who don't follow hockey, thus dulling the atmosphere. I say BS to that.
One person mentioned the many different cultures in the place and how many of these races have not been Canucks fans for all that long because they have not lived here that long. Huh...
I really don't understand it. Is it because Canucks fans lack faith in their team? Are they waiting for a collapse? Are they just more quietly observant and more laid back?
Oh, another one I heard: That people are polite and don't want to disrupt the experience of those around them.
What are your thoughts on this?
I can almost understand the "respect your neighbors" part, because I felt that pressure to be that way. But the more drinks I had, the less I gave a damn. And I believe that not giving a damn is the right approach.
There is a #7 banner hanging up in the rafters and for what?
I saw one section trying to get a wave going and it must have taken them over 5 tries. Only the fans in the cheap seats were riding Osgood. Clapping mostly occurred when Fin banged that drum. Even that was lame.
GM Place is a graveyard a lot of the time, and it really is not all that intimidating. In my opinion, we need more fans going home with sore throats because they have been yelling, whether it be cheers or jeers. Only then is the home of the Canucks going to arise from the dead.
To those of you who get loud at games, bless your hearts and keep it up. To all you drab couch potato-types: get off your asses a little more often and make some noise.

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